Yoga Federation of Russia and Yoga Instructors School

Yoga Federation of Russia is a nonprofit Russian public organization which unites followers of traditional and nontraditional styles of yoga of different schools and directions. It’s a community of people following the path of physical self-improvement, mastering traditions of self-development and spiritual practices. The basic principle of the Federation is the observance of the trinity: the harmonious upbringing of the spiritual, intellectual and physical principles in human being.

Yoga Federation of Russia (YFR) was one of the first Russian organizations which training programs were registered with and certified by YAI. In addition to conducting social yoga events YFR trained yoga instructors. Later, after being granted the state license for its educational programs, Yoga Federation of Russia transferred all the teaching activities to its special department and successor – Yoga Instructors School (YIS).

Yoga Instructors School is certified with YAI for YTTC-100, YTTC-200, YTTC-300 and YTTC-500 training programs (Yoga Teacher Training Course – international training programs for yoga teachers). This enables YIS’s graduating students to get YAI diplomas without any additional exams (after one-time fee payment) and to be included into YAI’s International Registry.

In YFR we developed our own unique training programs, and on the basis of the state license for educational activity «77Л01 №0006312 (рег. №035519)» Yoga Instructors School prepares teachers in such training courses as «Hatha Yoga», «Prenatal Yoga», «Baby&Kids Yoga», «Pilates», «Yoga Therapy» and «Female practice of yoga».

For students’ convenience, courses of «Hatha Yoga», «Prenatal Yoga» and «Baby&Kids Yoga» have two types of educational schedule: with week-day classes (from Monday to Friday, 10 am – 5 pm, with a lunch break 1 pm – 2 pm), and with weekend classes – on Saturdays and Sundays during the same hours. Both of these have the same training program and the same teaching staff. For the entrance to YIS courses no exams are required, but personal yoga experience is a prerequisite.

The «Baby&Kids Yoga» (YTTС-200) course is a unique course designed primarily for instructors and yoga teachers who want to improve and enhance their professional skills in that area, as well as, of course, for adults (parents), teachers, psychologists, medical workers (speech therapists, physicians) and other professionals who work directly with children. The main objective of this course is to train children yoga teachers, as well as competent and responsible professionals who are ready to walk the Path of personal spiritual growth, inspired by love for children with unconditional desire to help them grow up healthy, harmonious and happy.

The «Prenatal Yoga» (YTTС-200) course is for those who want to help mothers-to-be to successfully pass with yoga’s aid all the stages of the prenatal period (conception, pregnancy and the postpartum period). Prenatal yoga instructor is a very responsible and interesting profession. In this course students learn anatomy, physiology, obstetrics and gynecology bases, prenatal psychology and, most importantly, prenatal yoga. The aim of this course is to teach both theory and practice of preparing women for conceiving, of exercises during pregnancy, of preparing for childbirth and the postpartum period.

The «Yoga Therapy» course consists of two modules: «The Musculoskeletal System» (YTTС-100), «The Cardiovascular, Nervous, Respiratory and Reproductive Systems» (YTTС-100). These modules are held during the year and after the end of each an according certificate is issued (you can start learning at any module). Upon completion of all modules (and «Hatha Yoga» course) student receives a certificate of higher level – certificate of «Yoga instructor with the knowledge of Yoga Therapy».

The «Pilates» is a two-week certification YTTC-100 course. This course not only teaches exercises and mechanisms of body workings but at the same time explains how to work with the body's energy processes, applying «deep tuning» techniques.

The «Female practice of yoga» (YTTC-100) course is intended for women who want to acquire a deeper knowledge about themselves: about the specifics of exercise for women and the women's approach to yoga, the features of women's psychology and psyche. After the course, a woman learns to manage her emotional state, quickly relieve stress, both physical and psychological. She learns to listen to her body and emotions, to maintain herself in a state of youth, beauty and longevity and enjoy life and everything that surrounds it. The course is designed for advanced training of yoga instructors of the Yoga Federation of Russia, but it can also be considered by other instructors, teachers and practitioners as an independent course to expand their knowledge and skills in this particular area, and to improve the quality of their work and life.

Upon graduating and passing exams you receive the Certificate of Hatha Yoga / Prenatal Yoga / Baby&Kids Yoga / Pilates / Yoga Therapy / Female practice of yoga instructor, which confirms your qualification, and also the Certificate of Completion of «Theory and practice of Hatha Yoga / Prenatal Yoga / Baby&Kids Yoga / Pilates / Yoga Therapy / Female practice of yoga», which gives you the official right to teach yoga. You also receive an instructor card (plastic card with your photo), and your name is included into the Yoga Teachers Registry.

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